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2 Day California Oil Rigs Dive - April 10-11, 2021

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Eureka, Elly, and Ellen Oil Rigs

EUREKA OIL PLATFORM OFF CALIFORNIA COAST — Eight miles off the coast of Calif., the oil rig Eureka, which has been standing there for 40 years, is a study in contrasts. From a distance, it looks like just another offshore platform, an artifact of the modern industrial landscape. But beneath the waves, the Eureka and other rigs like it in the area are home to a vast and thriving community of sea life that some scientists say is one of the richest marine ecosystems on the planet.“They are more productive than coral reefs, more productive than estuaries,” said Milton Love, a professor of marine biology at the University of California Santa Barbara. “It just turns out by chance that platforms have a lot of animals that are growing really quickly.”

The platform was installed in 1980 and drilling began in early 1981. Platforms Eureka, Elly, and Ellen sit in federal waters off the shores of the San Pedro. Eureka is the deepest rig accessible to divers with it sitting in 720ft. Elly and Ellen are unusual because they are a double platform with a bridge connecting them together. They sit in about 260ft of water which is still plenty deep for recreational or tech divers. Underwater, their legs and cross braces are much like any other oil rig making a home to much the same life such as anemones, sponges, fish, crabs, scallops, starfish, mussels, nudibranchs, and much more. All this in a small area. Then to top it off you have the schooling fish and sea lions. Diving the rigs is an awesome experience especially on the days with 50’ plus visibility.

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