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Apeks DSX Wrist Mount Dive Computer with Oxygen Analyzer

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A dive computer and O2 analyzer bundle!

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The new Apeks DSX technical dive computer is the latest in wearable technology for the serious technical diver, or the diver just looking for the finest instrument on the market, to take them to the next level. Robust as only Apeks knows how, and fully loaded with cutting edge features, including sidemount and CCR mode, induction or cable charging and management of up to 6 gasses. The DSX is primed and ready to take you on your next adventure. Powerful feature rich multi-function technical diving computer. Optional air integrated and suitable for use with up to 6 transmitters, ideal for side mount diving.
  • Powerful feature rich multi function technical diving computer.
  • Air integrated and suitable for use with up to 6 transmitters, ideal for sidemount diving.
  • Use up to 6 gasses.
  • GPS function allows you to mark waypoints on the surface and allows you to navigate back to your entry point.
  • Sidemount mode with gas switch notification.
  • Supplied with oxygen analyser (note: no oxygen cell supplied, use R22 type cell).
  • Titanium outer bezel to save weight and ensure maximum durability.
  • 2 strap options supplied elastic double straps with buckle release and bungee attachment system.
  • Reusable protective storage case storage case.
  • Induction charging system, supplied with induction charging mat.
  • Traditional cable charge system for faster charging from the mains or portable power source when in remote locations.

  • What's in the box: DSX Computer Gas analyzing module (no cell supplied, use standard R22 type cell). Induction charging mat Charging cable Bungee strap Elastic strap Quick start guide

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