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Bahamas Aggressor - August 28 - September 4, 2021

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Exuma Cays and Southwest Eleuthera

Start Date: August 28th, 2021
End Date: September 4th, 2021

The M/V Bahamas Aggressor, formally known as the Carib Dancer, is a 30m, 14 passenger luxury yacht, perfectly suited for diving the Exumas and Cays of the Bahamas. Each of the five spacious, deluxe guest cabins features a double bed, single bunk, and the Quad Stateroom has two sets of twin bunk-style beds. All cabins feature en-suite facilities, individual climate control, TV/DVD, and hair dryer.

The lavish salon is equipped with a full entertainment system for divers to view their videos or to enjoy a movie. Meals are prepared onboard the Bahamas Aggressor Liveaboard and include local favorites and international cuisine. The drink selection includes fruit juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee and a limited selection of local beer and wine. An attentive, highly trained Bahamas Aggressor Liveaboard crew is always on hand to ensure guest comfort and satisfaction both on-board and underwater.

The MV Bahamas Aggressor Liveaboard offers scuba divers up to five dives per day including a night dive each night in crystal clear waters. Guests will explore plunging walls and vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life such as sharks, rays, barracuda, and grouper. The MV Bahamas Aggressor Liveaboard departs from Nassau, Bahamas on year-round schedules for 7-day diving holidays.


Guests arriving into Nassau (NAS) International Airport on Saturday will first clear customs then proceed to the taxi stand located just outside the terminal building. A fixed fare taxi can be secured to take you to “Elizabeth on Bay Marketplace and Marina” in downtown. Guests may board the Bahamas Aggressor after 4 pm on Saturday. At 6 pm, the yacht departs for its night anchorage to prepare for diving Sunday morning. After a full week of diving, the Bahamas Aggressor returns back to the Elizabeth on Bay dock in Nassau Friday afternoon after lunch (1 dive offered Friday). Check-out is Saturday morning at 8 am. The crew will assist in organizing transportation back to the Nassau International Airport Saturday morning or a local hotel if you are extending your stay.

Exuma Cays

Throughout the week aboard the Bahamas Aggressor, guests will depart Nassau to explore the dramatic walls, lush coral reefs, and exciting animal encounters of the Exuma Cays. This area is 176 square miles consisting of an array of more than 350 small islands and cays. The crystal-clear tropical Atlantic pours over the deep cuts between the cays and constantly shifting sand bars. Waters are thick with coral reefs that are alive with every imaginable ocean critter from the living jewels – angelfish and butterflyfish – to the charismatic food-chain toppers like grouper and barracuda – right down to the tiniest living invertebrates. Night diving allows guests to experience an entirely different group of critters and bevy of behaviors not visible during the day.

When you're considering your options for liveaboard scuba diving in the Caribbean, the Bahamas and her Out Islands offer a distinct blend of international glamour and tropical ease. The islands and cays sprawl across nearly 100,000 square miles of ocean, beginning at the northern point east of Palm Beach, Florida, and spanning practically 750 miles to the southeast where there come inside 50 miles of Cuba and Haiti.

Top Dive Sites - Bahama Islands

The Exumas consist of an array of more than 350 small islands and cays streaming down from just 35 miles south of New Providence to the anchor islands of Great and Little Exuma to the south. The Exumas are a 120-mile-long island chain within the chain of the Out Islands. The Cays are the most exotic of the Out Islands, a collection of tiny jewels set in the aquamarine and sapphire of the most beautiful water you’ve ever imagined with an intriguing combination of walls and rich shallow reefs.


  • Lost Blue Hole - The rim of this large blue hole lies in 40' of water surrounded by coral heads, stingrays, and many schools of fish. There is a lobster-filled crevice at 80'. In the sand surrounding the hole, divers will find many small fish such as Banded jawfish, Seminole gobies, and Tobacco fish. There are usually 1 or 2 nurse sharks here and during the spring a large school of Blacknose sharks inhabits the bottom of the 200' hole. This is the location of the Bahama's first lionfish sighting.
  • Periwinkle Reef - This is a shallow patch reef that is teaming with fish. The local Nassau operators feed fish here, so sergeant majors and angelfish will approach scuba divers looking for a handout.


  • Amberjack Reef - A 50' patch reef that has prolific fish life. You will see reef sharks and up to 10 large grouper. This dive also has many interesting small critters such as pirate blennies and garden eels. During the safety stop, divers will be surrounded by a school of 100+ horse-eye jacks that hangs out under the yacht.
  • Austin Smith Wreck - A 90' Bahamian Defense Force Cutter lying in 60’ of water that sank in 1995 while being towed to San Salvador to be sunk there as a dive site.
  • Barracuda Shoals - This bankside patch reef has huge schools of fish as well as many small critters on the reef and surrounding sand.
  • Blacktip Wall - Hammerhead sharks have been sighted frequently on this wall. This reef is also where Ned Deloach (Reef books co-author) found the very rare Lemon goby.
  • Cathedral - This site is part of the Dog Rocks Reef. This reef starts at 35' and slopes off to 50' before dropping straight down into the Exuma Sound. The Cathedral is a large swim-thru where the light filters down from above reflecting off the thousands of silversides that occupy the swim-thru. This swim-thru has many grouper and jacks that come to feed on the silversides. The wall has large stands of black coral and orange elephant ear and tube sponges. Pelagics, eagle rays, and sharks are frequently seen off the wall.
  • Cracked Coral Head - This massive coral head rises 40' off the bottom. Several large swim-thrus make it looked like it is cracked.
  • Jeep Reef - This site named from a coral encrusted jeep that sits near the morning is in the middle of the Exumas Land & Sea Park and hosts a healthy population of fish. It is also one of the prettiest reefs you will ever see. Current that sweeps through this cut keeps the reef's corals very healthy.
  • Pillar Wall - One of many excellent walls dives. It starts at 30' and slopes to 50' before dropping 5,000' to the bottom. There are many caves and crevices. There is a large colony of Yellowhead jawfish in the rubble inside the reef.

  • Southwest Eleuthera

  • Cave Rock - A large coral mound in 50' of water surrounded by several smaller coral heads. There are several caves where you can swim from one side to the other. The large variety of corals and fish will amaze you. Hammerhead Sharks have been frequently seen here.
  • Monolith - Large mounds of coral rise out of the sand at the edge of the wall. They start at 100' and rise to 55'. There is a colony of Garden Eels in the sand next to the mounds.

  • Little San Sal (Half Moon Cay)

  • Cave Reef - This 40' shallow patch reef has several large swim-thrus cutting through the middle.
  • Empress Pinnacles - This wall dive features 30' high pinnacles coming out of the sand at the edge of the wall. Pelagics are seen frequently in the clear water off the wall. There are large stands of black coral on the sides of the pinnacles.

  • Marine Life: Sharks, Eagle Rays, Stingrays, Groupers, Walls and Reefs with abundant marine life and multiple macro critters

    Itinerary Extras: Port fees: $110 All fees are paid onboard at the end of the charter. Taxes and fees paid onboard the yacht is subject to change without notice.

    Included: VAT, Alcoholic Beverages, Drinking Water, Soft drinks, Tea & Coffee, Wine with Dinner, Full-Board Meal Plan (All meals), Snacks, Diving Package, Cabin Towels, Complimentary Toiletries, Deck Towels.

    Optional Extras: Dive Insurance, Travel Insurance, Gratuities, Airport Transfer (30 USD), Hotel Transfer, Extra Dives, Nitrox Course, Rental Gear, Scuba Diving Courses, Snorkel Gear.

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