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Hollis 150LX Octopus

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New to the Hollis Regulator line is the 150LX, a moderately priced second stage that delivers exceptional performance. The perfect addition to any Hollis regulator.

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New to the Hollis Regulator line is the 150LX. The 150LX delivers great performance at a moderate price. This second stage can be paired with the DC2 first stage for a great travel the world design or for those divers looking for a regulator to provide performance during long deco stops. It is compatible for oxygen percentage 40% to 100% for more technical diving and can be converted to a right or left hand hose configuration. The Front metal ring, packing nut & end cap are Stainless Steel. All LX regulators come standard with MiFlex hoses and orthodontic mouthpieces with dual color tabs.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review