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IST Full Face Scuba Diving Mask

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IST Full Face Scuba Mask

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IST Black Silicone Full Face Scuba Mask

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  • Seals to face or Dry suit hood
  • Adapts to Most Regulators
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      Four Stars

      Posted by tom s - via Amazon on Jun 29th 2015


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      Made Diving Exciting Again!!!

      Posted by Manuel - via Amazon on Jun 29th 2015

      If your like me and don't really to care to read a long review. The jest of this review, is this mask is great for the price as well as the functionality! But here is why. From the looks of the mask seems like it wouldn't be to practical but from the price and for ones that have a hard time clearing your ears (pressurizing). It is a Great buy! I just picked up diving November 2012 and really enjoyed the experience. The main problem I was having is that I could not find a mask that was wide enough for my face. I always knew I had a big head but didn't realize how wide my face was. From the time I started my beginners class as well as the couple of dives I made until I purchased this mask. I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle. I tried to find a wide enough mask at the dive shop. Tried everything they had. Shopped on line for the largest eyes and nose scuba mask that was available. Ordered and returned 3. I found that there are taller masks from forehead to lip but nothing sided to side. The widest one I found and still have,,, its close but no cookie. So diving the few times I did, was like trying to play basketball with shorts that are too big and won't stay up. With always having water filling the mask and trying to clear the mask pluse clearing my ears at the same time as well as getting water up my nose. Needless to say I was afraid I had spent almost 2200 bucks on a hobby I wasn't going to enjoy because of these problems. Almost bought the full face mask with the reg already built in that was going to run just over 700 but had already bought one of the better regs on the market. I happen to come across this one and found that it has been around for year and was used for commercial diving. The fact that I could use it with my reg, intrigued me. I was hoping it was at least be wide enough,,, and it was! The fit was great, clearing my ears is effortless. If you can clear your ear pretty easy on a plain without holding your nose by tightening your jaws then you can pressurize with the mask. I have to say I'm not sure if it is because the quality of the reg I have the positive pressure in the mask makes the need to clear your ears very little if at all. The feeling of getting to breath through my nose as well as my mouth makes it all that more comfortable. No jaw fatigue, no dry throat, little to no pressure in the ears. I've been out twice so far with the full face mask and the deepest I've gone so far is 40 feet and still no trouble pressurizing. Also, any or if at all, water gets into the mask I noticed it would get pushed out with the positive pressure as well. I have to say the only thing somewhat negative, would be field of vision. Because it is not clear silicon and it dose set off my face more than a regular mask. I'm sure because my face is pretty wide so it doesn't go inside the mask as well as one with a smaller face would. Other than that this mask for the price,,, it has me excited about diving again! In case your still reading and wondering. This full face mask should be adaptable to just about any regulator out there. If your reg has a mouth piece that you can remove with usually just cutting a wire tie. Then you just insert the reg into the mouth of the mask then re wire tie, and your ready to go!!!!

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      full face mask

      Posted by al - via Amazon on Jun 29th 2015

      we recently got into hookah diveing in the local river. and the system i bought only had the eye nose mask with the kit ,,,. diveing with the half mask,,,. i got terrible sinus problems,,,. had them even before diveing but made much worse after a day of diveing,,,,. the whole face mask i bought was the best investment i have made towrds diveing,,,. i can breath thru my nose as i go down ,,.and not build up as much pressure on my sinuses,,,,making the diveing a all day pleasure,,,,for the money i paid,,,and quailty of the mask,,i dotn think it can be beat,,,,will be buying another for next years dive season,,,,we have a 2 person system,,,and every one wants to use mine.

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      Full Face rubber dive mask

      Posted by ole_johhn - via Amazon on Jun 29th 2015

      Purchased this face mask for wife because she cannot bite a snorkel to retain it in her mouth. The snorkel fits perfectly in the opening (as would a regulator). It has opened up a new world of snorkeling comfort for her. Perfect solution for our problem. High quality product.

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      dive in comfort

      Posted by taz814ya - via Amazon on Jun 29th 2015

      this mask is awesome in cold water....it needs to be washed when you get it cuz its rubber and smells nasty but if you keep it clean it is awesome I can see clearly very little pressure at deeper depths and easy don and doff however the strap weakens after stretching so buy an extra.

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      Fantastic for the price

      Posted by phil a - via Amazon on Jun 29th 2015

      Fantastic for the price. Takes a bit of getting used to but after one dive I love it. I've done 10 dives with this mask now and it hasn't failed me yet. Say goodbye to dry mouth and gallons of snot at the end of every dive. So it looks a bit like a gimp mask but I can't imagine going back to the bad old days of leaking, clearing, fogging up and mask squeeze. With this mask you get none of these issues.

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      A complex piece of equipment

      Posted by Richard W - via Amazon on Jun 29th 2015

      This is a BEAUTIFUL mask if you know anything about commercial diving. This mask is an EXO 27 X Jack Brown x Band Mask hybrid. Yes you can dive this mask using surface - supplied air, and without the rubber mouthpiece in your mouth. Very comfortable, very dry. If you are going to dive this mask surface - supplied air, you need to use a special LP reg that runs efficiently at 80psig, like gold dredger's diving equipment. The seal is water tight IF you position the seal on your face properly. If you don't, the mask will become severely flooded and you will be extremely unhappy. Unless you have quite a bit of diving experience, understand the origins and design of commercial diving headgear, I don't recommend you try using this mask. This is NOT a beginner SCUBA diver mask.

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      Easy to adjust and great fit

      Posted by Gregypooh - via Amazon on Jun 29th 2015

      Taken this on four trips now and it has worked wonderfully! I don't get to use it as often as I'd like, but far more pleased with this mask that my previous one.