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JBL Reaper 120 Rail Speargun for Scuba Diving and Freediving

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The Reaper looks as deadly as it shoots.

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Say hello to the newest member of our Speargun Family. Made right. Made here at the Oceanside California factory. The Reaper looks as deadly as it shoots. The carbon infused polymer handle is designed to feel like a natural extension of your arm, if you can point, you can shoot fish. The aerospace aluminum extruded barrel with integral rail delivers unmatched stiffness, taming the two 5/8in band power source. Its streamlined muzzle transfers energy in perfect parallel alignment with the shaft for precision shot placement. Trigger Sear is made from 0.25in 304 stainless and shafts are 17-4 spring stainless, heat treated for maximum hardness, virtually eliminating shaft flex.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review