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Malapascua Safari in the Philippines July 26th - August 3rd, 2020

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This is a brand new location for the Azores, and Dolphin is excited to be exploring a new location with Atlantis! We start in a familiar location – Sumilon – with possible sightings of manta rays and barracuda in the pristine blue waters. Then we move on to Malapascua which has gained a reputation for thresher shark sightings at Monad Shoal. These exotic sharks are truly mesmerizing creatures. Nearby Gato Island is a marine sanctuary and a protected breeding location for sea kraits. It is also a haven for macro photographers intent on capturing images of pygmy seahorses and harlequin ghost pipefish. Capitancillo is a divers’ paradise with beautiful drop offs, caves and overhangs. There are no other dive operators in the area, so it is a chance to dive sites where there are no other divers! Cabilao Island features the thorny seahorse and tons of different nudibranches. Lastly we will visit Bohol and Balicasag, two of our favorite dive locations in the Philippines outside of Tubbataha. Schooling jacks, mackerel and barracuda mingle with groupers and wrasses on the plunging vertical walls. This is going to be a wonderful trip, combining known spectacular dive sites with the thrill of the unknown. Come check it out with us.

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