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Ocean Care Solutions Lionfish Sting First Aid Kit

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This kit includes everything you need to treat yourself or a fellow diver in the unfortunate event of a lionfish sting until you can reach the doctor for further medical attention.


Ocean Care Solutions is devoted to providing safe and effective marine sting first aid products for the consumer. Our products have been tested true as each individual kit follows the medically accepted first aid protocol supported by life saving agencies, physicians and medical facility research groups worldwide.

Each kit has all the components necessary, with easy to follow instructions, to provide immediate 1st aid medical attention on a variety of marine stingers. No matter what you pleasure at the ocean; sport fishing, surfing, scuba, distance swimming, snorkeling or just hangin out in the surf, always be prepared with Ocean Care Solutions first aid products

Be sure to take along The Solution for safe and effective sting injury first aid when going to the beach, swimming, surfing, wind surfing or sport fishing, you'll be glad you did, and don't forget to check out our full line of marine sting first aid products

Product Detail


Moist towelette for cleaning hands Gloves Gauze pad to help slow bleeding Sterile saline solution Ocean Care Solutions Triple antibiotic ointment to keep wound moist and prevent infection Adhesive bandage to cover wound Instant Heat pack, to al


(No reviews yet) Write a Review