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Palau - Aggressor II Liveaboard - February 18th - 25th, 2024

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Palau Aggressor II liveaboard dive yacht
Start Date: February 18th, 2024
End Date: February 25th, 2024
$3,535 Does Not Include airfare, taxes, or fees
Palau's mushroom-shaped rock islands offer a variety of exciting dives: WWII wrecks, shark-community channels, blue holes, a freshwater lake with stingless jellyfish, and even a few caves!

Palau is a year round destination with something for every season. While German Channel has many resident Manta Rays, during the mating season, December through March, guests may see as many as 20 – 30 rays! All year round, the Palau Aggressor II crew encounters massive bait balls of scad in and around Ulong and German Channel and on the reefs of Blue Corner and Siaes Corner.

Our seven days itinerary will be from Sunday to Sunday with five days and one-half day of diving. Diving begins Monday morning and ends Saturday before lunch when the Aggressor returns to port. Monday - Friday there are 4 dives a day and a night dive on 3 evenings.

Expected conditions:
  • Depth Range: 35 – 130 ft (11m – 40m)
  • Average water temp. is 82°F / 27°C.
  • 3 mm wetsuit is recommended.
  • All dives during on the Palau Agressor II liveaboard scuba diving vacations are made from the 18-passenger dive skiff, which is lowered into the water by a hydraulic cradle.

    Itinerary Highlights
    Our itinerary will include but is not limited to some of the incredible dive sites below!*

    Big Drop-Off
    A wall dive that begins as shallow as 2' at low tide and drops to 600'. It is considered by most to be the most beautiful wall dive in Palau because of its abundance of hard and soft corals, seafans, schools of pyramid butterfly fish, and a multitude of tropical reef fish.

    Blue Holes
    This is a series of four large holes in the top of the reef that converge to form a gigantic underwater chamber. The chamber has a huge opening on a wall that is home to soft corals, sea fans, sea whips and hard corals. Large pelagics often encountered here include tuna, jacks, gray and white tip reef sharks, barracuda and eagle rays. Grouper, Napoleon wrasse, triggerfish, Moorish idols, butterflyfish, anemones and turtles.

    Siaes Tunnel
    An extraordinary deep dive on the west side of the Palau, close to the Ulong Channel. The dive begins on a sheer wall with the opening of the tunnel starting at 70'. You enter through an opening, which is about 50' across and 20' high, and swim through the tunnel, which parallels the wall for 150'. The inside of the tunnel is a large cavern with a ceiling at 80-90' and the floor at 120-130'.

    Wreck of the Iro Maru
    A 145' long merchant ship sunk during World War II by American bombers, the Iro Maru sits upright in 120' of water just 10 minutes south of Koror. Three mast and gun turrets at the bow and stern support a large variety of invertebrates and hard corals. The main deck is at a depth of 80'with open holds containing oil drums and machinery.

    The exact route and sites visited are subject to change based on local regulations, guest experience, weather and logistics, and is at the Captain’s discretion.

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