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Puerto Galera & Dumaguete, Philippines November 7-21, 2020

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Puerto Galera-Dumaguete, Philippines November 2020
Start Date: November 7, 2020
End Date: November 21, 2020

$3499.00 Plus Airfare and Domestic Transfers

Transfers:Manila to Puerto Galera $100

Transfer:Puerto Galera to Dumaguete $200

One Week Puerto Galera & One Week Dumaguete Trip

Given the number of things to see while you are diving, one lifetime is not enough to see them all. Luckily we have the Philippine Islands that put many of lifes more exotic creatures in one place. Leaf Fish, Swimming Crinoids, Lionfish, Flying Guenards, and many more of the most unusual animals are all gathered together in one place. Diving from the pangas is the easiest way to go! If you wish to try to grow gills, you can make up to five dives per day. The resort itself is set in a small diving community with plenty of opportunity to see the day-to-day life in the Philippines. The resorts premier dive staff guides you on unforgettable dives, whether you are a novice or a pro. Bring your camera and a smile and prepare to be dazzled. Indulge yourself in any one of a number of services or experiences to make your dive vacation complete. Whether it is shopping for native gifts; pampering yourself with a massage or pedicure; or just relaxing with a cocktail by the pool our courteous staff will ensure your every whim is satisfied. Also for those that like to stay connected free wifi.

Atlantis Dumaguete showcases deluxe rooms that have climate-controlled air conditioning, ceiling fans, en-suite facilities, cable television and a fully-stocked refrigerator. There is a freshwater swimming pool that is filtered by the same system that supplies the hotel’s drinking water decorated with an exotic waterfall. There is even a golf course nearby. The Atlantis Resort at Dumaguete houses Toko’s Restaurant. You can dine on international or local cuisine while seated on the patio, or you can be shaded in the palapa. The diving at Dumaguete is quite spectacular in and of itself, even without the splendor or the resort. The house reef is just outside the resort. There you can see all sorts of weird and wonderful inhabitants. Frogfish as small as your fingernail or as large as your dinner plate. Commensal shrimp that sway in the fronds of anemones or dance on top of bubble coral. Mantis shrimp peek up at you from their burrows. Slightly longer day trips will take you to the world-famous dive site of Apo Island. In the evening, you can dive with the mandarinfish as they come out for their nightly courtship. Wonderful accommodations, delicious fare, tropical weather and top-of-the-line diving make for a perfect vacation.

Non-Diver Rate $2499


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