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Sea of Cortez October 16-22, 2021

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Sea of Cortez
Start Date: October 16th, 2021
End Date: October 22nd, 2021

Plus airfare and domestic transfers, Park Fee $25 per person, Fuel Surcharge $60 per person, Nitrox $100 per person

Sea of Cortez

Join Dolphin Scuba Center as we dive from the MV Valentina in the Sea of Cortez! The Sea of Cortez is a World Heritage site and is the only place in the whole world where you can swim with and have physical contact with California Sea Lions. The Sea of Cortez is a special place situated between Baja, Mexico and the mainland. Water of all shades of blue sits against an arid desert backdrop and an assortment of islands. The Baja peninsula is home to unique flora and fauna that have evolved in near isolation, so it's no surprise that the Sea of Cortez diving features magnificent marine life. Huge schools of sardines also call the Sea of Cortez home; passing through a wall of sardines is just spectacular! The most popular diving point, “El Bajo” is usually popular with the scuba divers aiming to see a school of hammerhead sharks. You may be able to finish up your trip finning with whale sharks in the La Paz Bay.

Dive Sites

Los Islotes: This is where we get to dive with sea lions! The large rock that breaches the surface of the sea is where a colony of over 400 sea lions live. In addition to sea lions, you can also expect to see different species of fish that are endemic to the area. At the south side of the rock, you can find Giant Blue Spotted Jawfish on the sandy bottom 46-60ft down poking their expressive faces just above the sandy surface. Mobula Rays are known to glide by this area as well.

El Bajo: We are very proud of our ships, the incredible men and women from around the world who crew them, and our commitment to safety and excellence in guest experience. We don’t think that it is a coincidence that twice as many divers choose to voyage out to Guadalupe with us compared to ALL of our competitors combined. In 2019, we anticipate staging 20,000 dives with our favourite sharkies!! Just the scenery alone at Guadalupe is quite stunning and feels almost like Jurassic park, as if you are at the edge of the earth in the deepest, darkest and most remote part of the pacific.

Punta Lobo: Experience leaping Mobula Rays at Punta Lobo! Groups of 20 are common and visible in many areas. The Mobula season starts in July. During September and October, all these Mobula groups congregate together. They can number in the thousands! During the Mobula season, when you go off shore from the entry point, you can see them packed from surface to bottom with very little space between each individual Mobula Ray.

Whale Island: This distinct island got its name from its whale-like shape! On the southwest side of the island there is a ship wreck and caves weave their way to the north side. You can see many sea fans inside the caves. After exploring the web of caves, illuminating the darkness with your flashlight, the Sea of Cortez welcomes you with its bright and warm waters filled with angel fish in a mosaic of life and color.

La Paz Bay: Recently, La Paz Bay has become a reliable spot to find whale sharks.

Swannee Reef: This isolated reef is a fish paradise! You cannot see anything but a multitude of Mexican goatfish and Spot Tail Grunt fish. Keeping tabs of your buddy may be an extra chore at Swannee Reef because of the density of fish. As a famous macro photography site, you can also see Signal Blennies. These alert and shy fish tend to flare their dorsal fin three times in quick succession before darting back into their holey homes. Don’t miss this photo opportunity! You can also see schools of Skip Jacks and Barracudas with sea lions sometimes bursting onto the scene.

Cabo Pulmo: Located eight miles off the shores of San Jose Del Cabo in the Sea of Cortez, the Gordo Banks rivals Cabo Pulmo and Cabo San Lucas Marine Preserve for the title of best scuba diving spot in the region. Because of the depths (up to one hundred and thirty feet) and the powerful currents, this locale is only recommended for advanced divers. This dive site is very active, with large schools of Jacks and lone Bull Sharks etc.

Other dive sites include: The Salvatierra Wreck, El Corralito, and Las Animas.

MV Valentina amenities:

Indoor lounge and bar TV & Digital Entertainment Library Sundeck 220V & 110V power plugs Diving tender Fine western & local cuisine Selections of wines, beer & spirits Vegetarian options Special dietary needs can be requested English, Japanese & Spanish-speaking dive guide NITROX (extra charge) Full board + snacks all day

Optional Extras: Dive Insurance, Travel Insurance, Gratuities, Airport Transfer, Hotel Transfer, Extra Dives, Nitrox Course, Rental Gear, Scuba Courses, and Snorkel Gear.

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