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SEAC 2mm Makaira Jacket and Pant Set - Men's - XLarge

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Makaira 2mm, Two-Pieces Camo Blue Spearfishing Wetsuit

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This unique SEAC Makaira Camo wetsuit is made to make you feel comfortable & safe over AND under water. Its soft neoprene fabric keeps your suit softly applied on your body, without suffocating your neck or your wrists. Lightweight & strong - all you need to dive safely into the water and surf with no worries about the suit being damaged in any way. Remain Warm Underwater - Free Dive without Chills - Be Safe From Sunburns and able to withstand high pressure & colder environments. Fear no more of harmful sun rays - the wet suit protects you from sunburn no matter how long you stay in the sun.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review