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SEAC EQ-Pro Essential Package

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The Seac EQ-Pro Essential Package is a great affordable set up that includes: SEAC EQ-PRO Buoyancy Compensator, SEAC Action Computer, Seac Manometro SPG Compact, SEAC MX100 Scuba Diving INT/Yoke Regulator.

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SEAC EQ-PRO with ultra-practical harness: quick and easy to put on. Simply fasten the flat center buckle and adjust the front straps and shoulder straps while SEAC ACTION is the new wrist-mount diving computers for scuba and freediving with 3 main modes: Scuba mode, Gauge mode and Freediving mode. Manometro SPG Compact is the perfect solution to tracking tank pressure for divers using a wrist mounted dive computer, or for divers looking to back-up an air integrated computer. For high performance reliability the MX100 Regulator from SEAC excels in its rugged simplicity. Seac proposes solution for a reliable and long-lasting emergency second stage that allows natural effortless breathing. It's the Octo Synchro, the emergency regulator according to Seac.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review