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SEAC Titanium Dive Knife - Black

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Seac Titanium Dive Knife: Underwater Tool Every Diver Needs!

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The SEAC Titanium dive knife is the ideal partner for those looking for a very lightweight underwater knife for scuba diving. Total blade + handle: 3.52 oz. The 3.66 inches blade is made of titanium, with a smooth edge and a serrated edge. Total blade + handle: 8.26 in long. The handle is flat with a practical symmetrical "Double Release System" to release and engage SEAC Titanium with any hand and from both sides. Two straps included in the package to fasten the scabbard of the diving knife on the calf or on the forearm. Warning! It is recommended to always rinse with fresh water and to dry well with fabric or absorbent paper both the knife and the scabbard separately after each dive, even if the knife was only worn and not used, since the scabbard is not watertight.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review