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SEAC Vortex Dry Snorkel

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Ideal for snorkeling!

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The SEAC Vortex Dry is ideal for snorkeling. The top dry valve design ensures maximum dryness in all positions. Maximum performance thanks to the presence of a lower oval purge valve for quick clearing of residual water, a liquid silicone corrugated lower flex tube and an ergonomic mouthpiece add comfort in long snorkeling excursions. Flex tube automatically-swings out-of-the-way when you are using your scuba regulator. The Vortex has a dry top that virtually eliminates water intake through the top of the tube and seals the tube while underwater. Swim through wind and wave spray without interrupting you breathing. If any water enters the snorkel tube it can easily be blown out with the easy purge system's one-way valve at the bottom of the snorkel tube. The SEAC Vortex Dry Snorkel with its contoured tube design and quick-release snorkel keeper is available in a wide range of colors to match all your gear!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review