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SeaLife Micro 3.0 Limited Edition Explorer Gift Set

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Featuring the Micro 3.0 camera complete with a Sea Dragon 2000F Photo/Video light. Supplies are limited - only available this holiday season!


Ideal for colorful and sharp stills and videos, the Micro 3.0 Sea Dragon Pro 2000 camera and light combination is optimized to reveal vivid brilliance in both video and still images. For this holiday season only, enhance your underwater photographs and video journey with the Micro 3.0 and the Sea Dragon Pro 2000F light for a never-before-seen price!
Micro 3.0 Camera
The SeaLife Micro 3.0 Camera is the latest and third generation of the popular permanently-sealed Micro camera series. The camera is leak-proof with no O-rings to lube or maintain, so there is never a worry about flooding the camera. Like its forerunners, the Micro 3.0 features an ergonomic, compact design with easy-to-use controls and menus. The Micro 3.0 camera offers impressive still images with its large SONY® 16MP CMOS sensor, and vibrant 4K Ultra HD video. You can even shoot 8MP stills while you’re recording video. Since it’s permanently sealed, the Micro 3.0 has a large 3-plus hour battery good for a full day of diving and built in 64gb of memory to store thousands of photos and hours of video.
Sea Dragon 2000F
The Sea Dragon 2000F light features a COB LED array that offers a very favorable color temperature and color rendering for today’s sophisticated compact digital cameras that by design, require plenty of natural light in order to produce colorful still and video images. The Sea Dragon 2000F closely mimics natural sunlight! The light has an impressive CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80 with a color temperature of 5000K making it ideal for underwater photography and video.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review