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Seasoft Seaglu Waterproof Neoprene Adhesive

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Fast Drying Neoprene Glue and Cement


Small holes, less then 2 mm: Put painters tape evenly around hole, leave 15 mm of space around hole and apply a thin later of SEAGLU. Dry for 15 minutes and repeat 2 more times. Large holes, rips and tears: Cut patch from 3-4 mm neoprene. Edges of neoprene should be 20 mm from edge of hole or tear. Apply think later of SEAGLU to repair area and patch. Dry for 15 minutes, repeat. Apply SEAGLU a third time and after one minute apply patch to repair and hold in place. Wait 1-2 hours before use. Seams: Brush on SEAGLU to both seams. Dry for 5 minutes. Apply second coat. In one minute push seams gently together. Wait 24 hours.

Product Detail


  • Fast Drying Neoprene Adhesive
  • Repairs Holes, Tears, Rips, and Seams
  • Great for repairing Scuba Diving, Surf and Free Diving Wetsuits
  • Cap has built-in high quality brush
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