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Seasoft TI 5mm Kevlar Scuba Diving Gloves

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The SEASOFT Ti PRO gloves are designed with precurved fingers

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Why should you buy these SEASOFT Ti PRO GLOVES? The SEASOFT Ti PRO gloves are designed with pre-curved fingers, the warmest materials, super tough and abrasion-resistant KEVLAR, TWO layers of Titanium Flake Foil for heat retention and with up to 60 percent less seams. Our KEVLAR covers approximately 75 percent of the surface area; this is more than double the amount of most gloves. When we dive, water enters our gloves and our natural body temperature warms up the water and our hands should stay warm. BUT if your gloves constantly flush this warm water and replace it over and over again with cold water then you eventually get cold hands! The SEASOFT Ti gloves are designed to totally minimize this flushing action by eliminating the seam across the palms that other gloves have. Also, these gloves easily stretch, so that putting them on is easier. FOR THE MONEY - You cannot get a warmer, better-made or more comfortable glove! PERIOD We're divers just like you, and we've been diving a long time. Years ago we realized that we weren't happy with the boots, gloves and other dive gear that we were diving with. We began to formulate different designs for these essential products. We decided from the very beginning that we would use the very best and warmest materials available anywhere in the world, such as: the best 2layer Titanium Foil neoprene, extra heavy zippers etc. We were determined that we would NOT use inferior materials in areas where the customer could not see (like the insoles of boots). We were determined to make the very best products, so we searched worldwide for the very best materials. These gloves reflect that quality.

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  • Pre-Curved 5mm Superstretch Titanium
  • Extremely Comfortable and Flexible
  • Ideal for Cold Water Diving
  • Velcro Closure
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