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SSI Manta and Ray Ecology – Virtual Classroom Sessions

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Rays and their close relatives, sharks, have been around for hundreds of millions of years. Some species emerged long before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, yet we know surprisingly little about these majestic creatures including how old they get, when they mature, and how far they migrate. When you think of a ray, what image comes to mind? Is it a southern stingray lurking beneath the pearl white sand, or a majestic spotted eagle ray hovering over a large coral block? Perhaps it's the grandfather of them all, the giant manta ray, which can measure six meters from fin tip to fin tip and glides through the open ocean like an owl cutting through the silence of an evening chill. In this program, you'll explore a ray a ray, distinguish how they differ from sharks, locate where they live, discover what they eat, and learn how to identify one ray from the next.