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Storm 3/2mm Women's Turquoise Fullsuit Snorkel/Scuba/Water Sports Wetsuit

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The Storm Fullsuit embraces a new concept to bring even more efficiency to the wetsuit.


The Speed Jumpsuit embraces a new concept to bring even more efficiency to the wetsuit. It follow the idea that different parts of our body have different needs in terms of heat retention and flexibility. Joints, for example, need all the stretch they can get whereas the front of the torso is mostly concerned about heat loss. To address those needs individually, we designed a wetsuit that is built in a modular way which enables us to use different material for each section.

For the Storm Fullsuit, that means having a thicker warmer layer of neoprene on the chest, crotch and buttocks areas and a thinner more flexible layer on the sides , sleeves and lower leg.

This combination of material offers an optimal trade-off between flexibility and warmth, resulting in added dexterity and longer activities for the user.

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    Took a chance and it paid off

    Posted by Viveka V - via Amazon on Jun 15th 2015

    I found out the dive trip I was about to take had colder waters than I thought and I didn't have time to go by my dive shop - so ordered this online hoping it would a - arrive on time b - be of decent quality. It arrived a day earlier than I expected and was much better quality than I was expecting too. I was SOOO glad I had it on my dive trip too! Thanks Viveka

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    Really good wetsuit!

    Posted by Rebecca G - via Amazon on Jun 15th 2015

    Great fit. Good stretch. Good warmth. A great wet suit. Highly recommend for anyone of any size. The suit looks great on!

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    I think that this is a GREAT wetsuit! The shape for women is very comfortable ...

    Posted by bethy - via Amazon on Jun 15th 2015

    Although I'm no expert on wetsuits, I think that this is a GREAT wetsuit! The shape for women is very comfortable for me, and this was the only size 16 that I found. I'm 5'6\" and I currently weigh ten more lbs than I want to, but this wetsuit fits me very nicely. And, it's the perfect length. I saw a comment, somewhere, about the decals. I haven't given a lot of attention to the decals, but on passing glance, the decals on my wetsuit look like they may have been designed to look like they were peeling. My decals aren't peeling. I bought this wetsuit to wear when exercising in Oregon nature, during the cold season. I first became sweaty in the wetsuit, even when the outside temperature was cold. I'm currently a little a little congested (with a headache,) probably because sweating in the outside cold may not be a good idea (I'm still learning about this whole cold weather thing.) But, anyway, I love the wetsuit, and I'm going to try to wear it outside again, when I get better.

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    Dolphin Scuba Center y cumplida por Amazon Snorkel Storm 3/2mm Mujer Fullsuit / Submarinismo / Buceo Wetsuit deportes acuáticos

    Posted by yerili r - via Amazon on Jun 15th 2015

    Muy Buena opción en todos los sentidos: de tamaño me quedo perfecto un poco flojo por mi tamaño, pero normal. Su precio de compra y envió estuvieron muy justos, de echo fue el envió mas económico que el NeoSport Capucha que pague el doble casi, siendo algo mucho mas pequeño y menos pesado. En el buceo nocturno me han comentado que mi traje es reflectivo realmente yo no me he dado cuenta pero si es así fabuloso mas aun. jejeje :) Very good option in every way: perfect size I stay a little loose for my size, but normal. Your purchase price and sent were very fair, actually sent was cheaper than paying the Hood Neosport twice nearly being something much smaller and lighter. At night dives have told me that my costume is reflective I have not really noticed but if so even more fabulous. lol :)

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    they make it big enough in the chest for me

    Posted by First T - via Amazon on Jun 15th 2015

    finally a suit that fit me ! but my sister is also hard to fit and so she took mine ! I have essentially the same measures all the way down 40, 36, 38. If something fit in the chest it was too big in the middle. but this one I had room to breathe.

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    but fits great everywhere else

    Posted by kgreenw2 - via Amazon on Jun 15th 2015

    It is a little snug in neck, but fits great everywhere else. I did order up a size like suggested

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    It's perfect. Fits well though a little long in the ...

    Posted by perfectlypink - via Amazon on Jun 15th 2015

    Use it regularly. It's perfect. Fits well though a little long in the sleeves.