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Storm High Visibility Surface Marker Buoy 6ft

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6ft tall Marker Buoy makes sure divers can be seen in open ocean where waves and surface reflection can make it difficult to be noticed.

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When surface visibility is important, such as performing stops during deco or surfacing after a drift dive, this Surface Marker Buoy or SMB is an essential dive accessory. The Surface Marking Buoy makes sure divers can be seen in open ocean where waves, surface reflection and noisy boat motors can make it difficult to be noticed.

Product Detail


  • International Orange with Silver and Optical Reflective Tape Bands
  • Clip and D-ring for easy attachment
  • Open Bottom and Oral Inflator
  • Over Pressure/Manual Dump Valve
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    • 5
      Great DSMB at a Great Price

      Posted by Steve on Jun 29th 2017

      I looked all over the web and at local shops for an SMB with a over-pressure valve. Everything I saw seemed to lack the valve, be way overpriced, or really short. This one is a great length and, though it may be a bit thinner than some others, I think that it makes up for any decrease in visibility that the thinness causes with the addition of two styles of reflective tape at the top. The size of the inflated tube also makes it a little easier to hold onto than some of the thicker ones. How the tape holds up remains to be seen, but for now it looks great. It can be inflated through the bottom end of the tube with the octo (or exhaust from the secondary reg), or manually by giving it less than two full breaths. I haven't tried filling it straight from the low-pressure hose, though the mouth-inflator looks a bit different than those that can be filled from the hose. I don't like the idea of taking my hose off anyway. Some have commented on the fact that the SMB is held together in its rolled-form by an elastic band (like a hair tie) instead of a nylon/Velcro strap. While I would have also preferred a Velcro strap over an elastic band, the band is thicker than hair ties, seems fairly sturdy, and holds the rolled SMB together well. I imagine that sun would degrade the elastic, but probably not any faster than it would bleach the tube. Don't leave your gear in the sun. All in all, this is a great SMB, that can be deployed from depth, for a great price.

    • 5
      Very good Buoy

      Posted by Martin on May 20th 2016

      for the big size of the bouy you can roll it to a really small pack - it fits toghether with my reel in my leg pocket.

    • 4
      Fine Product

      Posted by Danny on Sep 3rd 2015

      Perfect fit t my dive gear. Nice unit, build well, very visible & the reflective tagging gives that extra visibility edge that other SMBs don't have

    • 5
      Great Marker Buoy

      Posted by Wesley on Jun 1st 2015

      There are a few things I really like about this Buoy. 1 - I really like the option of oral or octo inflate. 2 - Has an easy to use dump valve and rolls up easy. 3 - Size and Visibility are great and easy to see from boat even in ruff waters due to Color/Size/Reflective Tape. Highly recommend this Buoy