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Typhoon Sahara Dry Snorkel

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Typhoon Sahara Dry Snorkel is a Distinct Dry Snorkel 100% dry top, silicone mouthpiece and connector, quick Disconnect Retainer.


The Typhoon Sahara Dry Snorkel is a distinct dry snorkel. The 100% dry top allows you to dive while eliminating the need to clear your snorkel upon surfacing. The silicone connector and mouthpiece are designed for the highest comfort, with the drop-away flex mouthpiece and flexible corrugated joint making it easy to adjust the snorkel as you need. The large bore contoured barrel offers unrestricted breathing and hassle-free snorkeling.

Product Detail


  • Distinct Dry Snorkel with 100% dry top
  • Silicone connector and drop-away flex mouthpiece
  • Large contoured barrel for unrestricted breathing
  • Quick disconnect retainer
  • Flexible corrugated joint
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