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There are some times when you would just like to shed a little light on the subject, and Dolphin Scuba Center has the perfect light for any diving scenario.   If you just need a small light to peer into cracks and crevices, then the Underwater Kinetics SL4 Crevice light is perfect.  For a hands-free model, go with the Mini Q40 Mask Light, available in either standard or eLED lighting.  These two lights are also perfect as a backup light, should your primary light fail.  The Underwater Kinetics C4 or C8 are excellent primary handheld lights that throw a wide beam on the subject.  Or use the top of the line products found in either of Dive Rite products, the 1000 Lumen LED  Slimline Canister Dive light which attaches directly to your BC. We also have the full line of Light&Motion Sola lights. All of your LED dive lights give you a beautiful blue, color-balanced light on your subject, whether you are just critter gazing or you are setting up that perfect shot.  Pick out your choice of dive light, or call us, and we will help you make the choice that will work perfectly for you.