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Here at Dolphin Scuba Center, we have a wide selection of dive-related apparel to enhance your enthusiasm for the sport.  We also have a special line of ladies apparel called "Dive Girl" with sporty tanks, t-shirts, and shorts.  If fun t-shirts are your preference, we have that covered as well with a large selection of fun designs from Amphibious Outfitters.

Our after-dive Parka will make multiple dives more enjoyable by replenishing your body's core temperature between dives by wrapping you in a plush polartec lining, and surrounded  by an all-weather shell.  This jacket may convince  warm water divers to dive cold water, just to try the jacket.

Finally, we have a selection of ball caps featuring many scuba manufacturers.

Dive Apparel makes you look fashionable, while making a statement about yourself and the sport you enjoy.