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You have all of these wonderful diving experiences held like precious treasures in your mind. Remember the first time you saw a dolphin? How about that time when the sea lion pulled on your fin to get you to play for a bit? There was that game of peek-a-boo you played with the enormous octopus or the biggest lobster you had ever seen.

Wouldn't it be better if you could pull out some photos of these things the next time you reminisce? How about blowing up some of your best shots and hanging them on the wall of your office to help you through the next endless day? What would be more fun than sending your favorite shot to a dive magazine or entering that perfect image in an underwater photo contest? All of these things are easy to achieve, now that the underwater camera world has gone digital. No longer do you have to load film into your camera and jealously guard your 24 shots. Digital photography has become so easy. What's more, you can look at your photograph immediately after you take it. If you don't like it, erase it and take another shot.

With digital photos, you can email your shots to your friends and family, even while you are still on vacation! No one will ever accuse you of making up a big fish story if you have the proof in your camera. Nothing enhances the pleasure of a good dive than being able to relive it again when you are home and dry again. At Dolphin Scuba Center, we are the photography specialists. We have every type of camera for every type of photographer, from beginner to pro! If still photography is not for you, why not talk to us about video? There's a whole new world out there waiting just for you.

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