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The Northern Coast of California is home to the largest Mollusk in the world: The Red Abalone. Highly prized for it's gourmet taste, the Abalone is a large marine snail that feeds on kelp, and hides in cracks and on the underside of boulders and ledges trying to avoid the freediver armed with iron and caliper. Dolphin sells Abalone irons made from steel and aluminum, and measuring gauges in 7 inch sizes. Dolphin also sells an AB float with dual zipper pockets, and shoulder straps to carry on your back while ascending the trails.We also sell the Banks Board- a hybrid boogieboard made of hard plastic with a drywell, cargo hold,speargun straps,shoulder straps,and flag pole (flag not included). Our float systems will hold your abalone, tools, tags, and license/punch card as well as mask, snorkel, fins,and spearguns We have an excellent, two-piece 7mm wetsuit for an incredibly low price,as well as an 8/7mm one piece suit, and freediving suits in camoflauge patterns, Hoods, hard bottom boots, and Kevlar palm gloves complete the ensemble. Dolphin also offers you a variety of belt and harness weight systems to help you descend as well as kelp cutting knives for your own safety.. We have the widest variety of masks, snorkels and fins; both open heel short fins and full foot freediving fins and socks. Let us outfit you to get your limit this year. The snails are calling!! 

This year (2013) the Dept. of Fish and Game is introducing new MLPA's ( Marine Life Protected Areas ). Red Abalone take is not allowed in these areas and all divers are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations. For an overview log into the DFG website   DFG.CA.GOV.Abalone.The limit is 3 per day and must be kept in the shell until ready for consumption. Gifted abalone count as part of your daily take. Best of luck and good diving.