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A dive computer is one of the greatest advancements in scuba gear in the last 25 years. The dive computer keeps the diver informed on a minute-by-minute basis as to their current depth, nitrogen load, and dive time remaining. This information is calculated based on the diver's depth and duration of time beneath the surface. Many models are equipped with an ascent alarm, which reminds the diver to return to the surface at a measured pace. The old method used by dive tables penalized the diver for their greatest depth for the entire duration of the dive. Today's dive computers instantly adjust as the diver ascends/descends giving you longer bottom times. 

Dive computers can also display your air time remaining based on your current breathing rate.  Divers now can choose between a computer that attaches to your regulator through a hose or you can enjoy the newest technology, the hoseless computer.  Dive computers such as the Oceanic VEO 2.0 are specifically geared for the economically-minded diver.  Scubapro's Galileo Sol or the Oceanic VT4 has all the latest bells and whistles for the diver who wants the top of the line computer to protect them through the dive. 

The latest advancement in dive computers, of course, is the Nitrox computer.  Nitrox or Oxygen Enriched Air, is programmed into the computer so the diver can most accurately determine their Nitrogen load--instantly adjusting their decompression tables with every change in depth.  Oceanic's Datamax ProPlus 2.1or the more economically-priced VEO 2.0 will provide you with the most precise measurements of your nitrogen load for the duration of your dive.  A computer from Dolphinscuba.com will improve your dives like no dive table ever could!