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The lightest of all wetsuits is the dive skin.  A dive skin is useful in two completely different ways.  The first way is to use it on its own when you are diving in extremely warm water and you just need that tiny bit of protection from floating stinging critters or the incidental contact with coral.  But what most divers do with their dive skin is using it as a first layer under a wetsuit.  Thirty years ago, divers would wear a pair of pantyhose to cut down on the struggle of donning their wetsuits.  Well, we don't see people using panty hose any longer, but the concept is the same.  The slick lycra construction of the dive skin helps you peel your wetsuit off or pull it on in a hurry.  Just don a dive skin and never again will you lose the skin of your knuckles from tugging and pulling on the legs of your wetsuit.  Dolphin Scuba Center offers lycra dive skins in a variety of colors.  We also have The Oceanic Lava Core products that offer just a tad more warmth.  Or check out our rash guards that cover your chest and armpits and guard tender areas.  At Dolphin Scuba Center, we have the perfect dive skin for you!