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SSI Scuba Explorers - Civic Explorer

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A continuation of the SCUBA Explorer program: Unforgettable aquatic adventures for kids – Go underwater and discover the wonder of Snorkel, Scuba, Mermaid, and Freediving Explorer programs. The mission of SSI Explorers is simple: To involve children in scuba diving, freediving, snorkeling, and mermaid so they can experience the excitement of water exploration!

Diving is an amazing experience, and one that we want to preserve and improve for all! Participating in our Civics program will allow young divers to observe an open water experience and witness an open water class in action. In addition, we Explorers will learn about how to care for our dive sites and why that is important, and we will then put skills into action by conducting a dive site clean-up to help ensure our community has a safe and enjoyable dive site to explore and enjoy. This class includes a land-based compass clinic that will take kids on a treasure hunt and wraps up with a BBQ lunch to reward ourselves for a job well done!

Required equipment: Students must provide their own swimsuit, mask, snorkels and fins. All other equipment including tanks, regulators and buoyancy compensator will be provided.
Additional information: Participants must be at least 8 years of age and must be comfortable in water and be able to maintain their buoyancy in water too deep to stand in. Must sign waiver and must have parent or guardian-signed waiver.

Schedule and availability vary based on the child’s and instructors schedule, number of participants, and the SCUBA Explorer session being conducted.