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Aqua Lung Solaflex 8/7mm Wetsuit - Men

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$569.00 - $610.00
Experience the ultimate in warmth and flexibility with a mixed 8mm core, 7mm appendage coverage!

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The fans of the SolaFx will not be disappointed by the new Solaflex. The Solaflex remains Aqua Lung’s most advanced wetsuit by keeping the previous unique features and fit and by improving the warmth. In addition to its 8mm torso and 7mm arms and legs, this new updated version incorporates a fleece liner to provide extra warmth. As with all Aqua Lung’s wetsuits, it has environmentally-friendly features, such as non-P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) neoprene.
Technical Features
  • Super stretch 8/7mm neoprene (petroleum free) for maximum comfort and freedom of movement
  • Canadian cuff
  • Liquid fusion seam technology
  • Water dam covers neck and shoulder for extra protection
  • Warm fleece liner
  • Powertex knee protection
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    (No reviews yet) Write a Review