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Atomic Aquatics H.E. Open Heel Split Fin w/ Spring Straps - Smoke

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Aerodynamic,Hydrodynamic,Atomic SplitFins are simply dynamic.

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How Atomic Aquatics SplitFins Work? SplitFin Wings “Slice” Through the Water. Traditional paddle fins work by pushing water rearward. As a paddle fin is pushed through the water, much of the water spills over the top surface of the blade and sticks to it, creating drag. Extra kicking effort is required to overcome that drag. The Atomic SplitFin slices through the water with two wing-shaped surfaces, creating lift and forward propulsion more like a propeller. Any water traveling over the top of the blade is funneled into and out of the opening (split) between the wings. Drag is reduced, effort is reduced, and efficiency is increased. Propeller-Fin™ Technology Moves You Faster Atomic Aquatics SplitFins use Propeller-Fin Technology to deliver ultra-high speeds with a small-range rapid flutter kick. This works in the same manner that increasing the RPM on a boat propeller accelerates a boat to high speeds. Multi-Composite Plastics And Other Uniquely Atomic Features The Atomic signature is our use of exotic materials specifically designed to improve performance. We developed multi-composite plastics for the SplitFins to maximize the efficiency of the kick with less fatigue. Flexible side rails and a stiff foot pocket are combined with stiff battens in the blade to control the flex pattern for optimum performance. Our patented EZ-LOK Buckle System is one of those distinct Atomic features that make divers love us even more. The Universal Spring Straps share the same features found on Atomic Springs, but are made to fit almost any other brand of open heel fins. Available in medium and long.

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    Just got back from Bonaire and these fins are awesome! I've been diving for 3 years

    Posted by Tammy K on Oct 31st 2018

    Just got back from Bonaire and these fins are awesome! I've been diving for 3 years, closing in on my 100th dive and they are far superior to anything I have used, worth every penny!

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    Couldn’t ask for a better fin.

    Posted by Amazon Customer on Oct 31st 2018

    Excellent fins comfortable and feel good to use, but from what I am today may not be the best if in strong currents.

  • 5
    Great fin

    Posted by James L. Bartley, III on Oct 31st 2018

    Great fun and a good price.

  • 5
    Great fit, and the included spring straps on this ...

    Posted by Derek D on Oct 31st 2018

    Great fit, and the included spring straps on this model really make it easy to get the fins on and off with no hassle.

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    Love the Straps

    Posted by Dino on Oct 31st 2018

    Great quality fins. I really like the straps. I read alot of reviews as far as the performance, but I think alot of that is personal taste. I just trust Atomic for good quality products that are not going to fail when I need them.

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    Great fins!

    Posted by Matthew F on Oct 31st 2018

    Granted, I'm no expert SCUBA diver, but I really like these fins, especially the innovative straps, which make putting on and slipping off the fins extremely easy, almost effortless. Great quality, which I continue to find with all products that I've purchased from Atomic Aquatics. Highly recommended.

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    Five Stars

    Posted by Oceanghost on Oct 31st 2018

    These fins are the best I’ve ever used. You get what you pay for.

  • 5
    Outstanding Fins

    Posted by History Buff on Oct 31st 2018

    Used my new set of fins in Saba last week. I especially appreciated the ease of putting on the Atomic Aquatics Smoke fins while sitting on the back of the boat prior to entering the water, and later of easily removing them at the end of the dive while in the water as I avoided the pitching boat's ladder to hand the fins to the crew on the boat. At depth, the fins afford streamlined movement with small flutter kicks and minimal exertion.

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    Best fins in 40 years of diving.

    Posted by John M. Kohler on Oct 31st 2018

    These are the best power to weight ratio fins I've used in 40 years of diving, and I've owned a lot of the classic and more advanced recent fin designs. Power and flexibility with every kick, very handy fins to put on in a crowded dive boat, and easy to take off near the ladder. The colors are also more vivid than the photos suggest, which make them fun to photograph in bright tropical waters and also make them great for finding your dive buddy in murky low visibility water. Highly Recommended.