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Atomic Aquatic SV2 Flex Snorkel

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Atomic Aquatics SV Series Snorkels It was finally time to reinvent the snorkel

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Atomic Aquatics only designs and releases new products that we truly believe redefine a category and solve a diver need. Did something as simple as the snorkel really require new thinking? Well...yes. More and more divers were choosing to enter the water without a snorkel because the size, unwieldiness and poor performance just wasn’t worth the hassle. Yet, the use of a snorkel during a dive can help you save precious air while hanging on the anchor line waiting to descend. There are numerous situations where a dependable, high-performance snorkel is a valuable dive tool. The new Atomic Aquatics SV Series truly redefines how a snorkel works and helps divers extend their adventure.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review