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EEZYCUT Trilobite Webbing and Line Knife - Flexi Mounted

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EEZYCUT Trilobite Knife

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The patented cutting mechanism provides the cleanest, sharpest, and the most effortless cutting action available. No-one ever forgets the "wow factor" the first time they use this unique, ergonomically designed cutting tool, as it slices and dices its way through line and webbing. The EEZYCUT Trilobite is rated to cut its way through line with ease, repeatedly, up to 8mm thick, and can easily cut through larger line should the diver need to do so in such extremely rare situations. The EEZYCUT Trilobite also makes light work of all types of webbing. With cost effective replacement blades, this tool provides you with the sharpest cut in the water, every time. FLEXI MOUNT Shoulder/Flexi Pouch is designed for flexibility and greater accessibility options, wrapping easily around webbing, backpack straps etc. 3 1/2 inches in length, and made of 3mm neoprene. An excellent option for those who have pre-assembled equipment, and do not wish to go through the trouble of disassembling it. Provides a neat seal around any 2 – 2.5 inch wide webbing. The flexi pouch can be entered into from either side, which allows for greater ventilation. It can fit on either the shoulder or on the waist with little to no fuss.

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EEZYCUT Trilobites 2 sided easy to use design
  • 4" X 2" Sheath
  • 2 Additional replacement blades in own carrying case for safety
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