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The snorkel is one of the four basic pieces of equipment you need when you first begin to dive, along with a mask, fins and boots.  One of the reasons you want to have your own snorkel is that yours will be the only mouth that has held your mouthpiece.   Also, even after your training is over, a snorkel comes in handy in a wide variety of situations. A snorkel may not look like much when you are shopping around, but they will make a world of difference when you have to make that long surface swim back to shore! 

The semi-dry snorkel is designed for a minimum of effort to eliminate water that has entered the snorkel in heavy surf or during submersion.  The ultra dry snorkel creates a seal to virtually eliminate water entering your breathing tube. 

This offers the best of all worlds.  You can have your snorkel at hand when it is needed, but you can tuck it away in your BC pocket during your dive.  At Dolphin Scuba Center, you can choose between the Typhoon Semi Dry or the Scubapro Nexus.  If you are a free-diver, we also showcase the Mares Pro Dual or the Riffe Stable.  Any of our fine snorkels will fit your needs perfectly!

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