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Mares Pure Instinct Razor Pro Full-Foot Freedive Fins

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Mares Pure Instinct Razor Pro Full-Foot Freedive Fins

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New fin with interchangeable blade. The characteristics of the foot pocket incorporate comfort, technique, and efficiency. The volumes and additional thicknesses on the instep or the tensioners under the arch have been meticulously studied to convey maximum thrust from the product without sacrificing ideal comfort. The foot pocket is manufactured in a single material one of the lightest thus eliminating any problems in bonds between different materials and offering excellent mechanical properties. The significant side ribs perfectly support the blade-channeling the water flow, which in-turn prevents lateral slippage. The variable-thickness blade bends during the various phases of finning action, achieving the ideal flexion curve. The best technopolymers are used in this fin and increase its agility and resistance. The special design of the channels makes it possible to increase and channel the flow of water toward the end of the blade, thus increasing thrust and preventing slippage to the side. Its light weight and power give the Razor Pro the best yield among all the technopolymer fins currently available on the market.

Product Detail


  • Foot Pocket incorporates comfort, technique, and efficiency
  • One of the lightest free diving fins
  • Side ribs perfectly support the blade, channeling the water flow
  • Prevent lateral slippage
  • Reviews

    • 5
      Should word great for free diving

      Posted by Phil H - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

      Big old fins! Should word great for free diving!

    • 5
      Five Stars

      Posted by Justin P - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

      awesome fins i love them great movement thru the water and move a ton of water

    • 5
      Five Stars

      Posted by Guy P - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

      Fantastic. Run big. Go down a size. If you get it wrong. Exchange is very simple

    • 5

      Posted by Guy P - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

      I exchanged these for the next smaller size. If you wear a size 10 to 11 then get the 8.5/9.5. Great fin

    • 5
      They're great, but they do run large

      Posted by Bevan B - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

      This is my second set of these fins. They're great, but they do run large, so buy a size smaller unless you want to wear thick neoprene socks.

    • 4
      well built

      Posted by Danielle U - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

      My first finning style fins. They are well built, move a lot of water, comfortable. Runs slight large in size- I'm an 11, sz 10/11 was perfect with thin socks 1mm-3mm or without if your heels can take the blistering. Good solid product.

    • 4
      A little troublesome the sizes

      Posted by Manny - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

      They are very nice fins, not to hard to dry you up off energy rigth away, the problem is with shoe size, they say 10/11 equivalent to a 44/45 in Europe, that's not true, a 10/11 is more like a 42/43 in Europe, so, id bought them 10/11, when i was suppose to buy a 8.5/9.5, I kind of fix it with very warm 5 mm sock and fins holders from Omer sub

    • 4
      Not too bad

      Posted by Straitshooter - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

      Great fins for those starting off spearfishing or those who just don't want to buy the expensive carbon or fiberglass blades. They have served me well as I've advanced. They're fairly stiff and give a good thrust off of minimal effort. The foot box is good quality rubber and pretty comfortable. It is extremely convenient to be able to remove the blades. Great for travel. The downside is they are pretty difficult to get back in. Takes a lot of pushing and twisting and swearing. The tracks that the blade slides into have a tendency to get folded in when you're trying to push the blade in. It makes for a pretty frustrating experience when some of the blade is in the track and other portions are out. If you don't correct it, the box will pop off. Last Mex trip, i took my fins carry-on, strapped to my backpack so i didn't have to deal putting them back together. I think you will experience this assembly difficulty with most fins with removable blades. Another downside to these fins is the tips of the tracks. They get pretty thin as they tapper down the blade and already seem to be splitting. I've had these fins for a couple years. Other than that these are great fins. If you're serious on ultimate performance look into fiberglass blades. Though with those you'll be paying around 500 just for the blades. With the plastic blades at least you don't have to worry about scratching them. Great for ab diving. With that said, I tried to find blade replacements and couldn't find them anywhere. So if they were to warp or break, you may be out of luck on replacing them.