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Ocean Care Solutions Fire Coral Sting First Aid Kit

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This kit includes everything you need to treat yourself or a fellow diver in the unfortunate event of a fire coral sting until you can reach the doctor for further medical attention.


Fire corals have a bright yellow-green and brown skeletal covering and are widely distributed in tropical and subtropical waters. They appear in small brush-like growths on rocks and coral. Divers often mistake fire coral for seaweed, and accidental contact is common. Upon contact with Fire Coral, an intense pain can be felt that can last from two days to two weeks. The very small nematocysts on fire corals contain tentacles that protrude from numerous surface pores (similar to jellyfish stings). In addition, fire corals have a sharp, calcified external skeleton that can scrape the skin. Be sure to take along "The Solution" for safe and effective sting injury first aid when going to the beach, swimming, surfing, wind surfing or sport fishing..you'll be glad you did...And don't forget to check out our full line of marine sting first aid products

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review