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SEAC Bridge Inflatabe Gangway Boat

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An inflatable platform designed to accompany you to your dive site.

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The SEAC Bridge is designed for transporting freedivers and equipment to the dive site. The dimensions of the SEAC Bridge allow you to to lay on it during recovery times or when you feel tired. The side straps allow you to attach your equipment and easily reach your diving spot. The elastic cross-body strap and large locker pocket allow also you to carry additional equipment you need (water, personal objects, etc.). The fluorescent yellow color and included flag ensure maximum visibility and safety on the way to and at the dive site. Shoulder straps allow the SEAC Bridge to be worn as a backpack, making it easy and comfortable to carry.
Length 37.4 in. Width 27.5 in. Equipped with 27.5 in high Flag, 3 independent PVC air chamber and 82 ft of line.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review