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SEASOFT Ti PRO_ Dry Suit Hood

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SEASOFT Ti PRO compressed neoprene Dry Suit Hood

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When diving, the deeper a diver goes the colder it generally gets and with increasing pressure, a typical neoprene hood gets thinner. If the temperature is getting colder and your hood is getting thinner, you're going to get cold. And, when you consider that 40% of heat loss is from the head area, it seems like this would be a place to make sure you are adequately protected to ensure warmth and comfort. All of our SEASOFT Ti PRO Hoods have compressed neoprene for the back panels of the hood. This means that no matter how deep you go, they are still their original thickness and working to keep you warm! You will not find any seams down the middle of the chin either. This seam, found in almost all hoods today, can cause jaw fatigue. The seam is there because it is less expensive to make a hood from just two halves. We do not believe that a hood is the place to go cheap. Available in wetsuit with bib, and drysuit versions with and without a zipper.

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  • Skin Seals at Face and neck
  • 5mm Head 3mm Neck and Face
  • 5mm Titanium Lined for more Warmth
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