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SSI Basic Freediving Digital Kit

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Freediving invites you to an incredible place not far away that is just waiting to be discovered and explored. The brilliant colors, the warmth of the water, the spectacular reef, the incredible marine life and the opportunity to interact with all the inhabitants of this new-found world will become one of the greatest “life changing” experiences you will ever get the opportunity to enjoy and share with others.

For centuries, the mystery and beauty of the underwater world has fascinated the human race. This strange and wonderful world provides glimpses of new plant and animal life not found on the surface of our earth. Today, more than ever, we continue our quest for adventure by entering into this new world. We yearn to feel weightless in water, to swim among the animals of the sea, and to admire the beauty of a pristine ocean reef. Freediving is an exciting activity that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy with the proper equipment and the appropriate training. No matter where you live, Freediving is an exhilarating, year-round activity. Whether it’s exploring a beautiful ocean reef, or a local lake or river, there is a Freediving experience close by. As you continue your adventures in Freediving, you may become interested in photography or other freediving specialities. There are many activities available to the Freediver and your local SSI diving retailer will help point you in the right direction. You will quickly learn that Freediving is a healthy, exciting, outdoor leisure-time activity whose only limits are those of the imagination. Let’s begin your introduction to the underwater world by looking at the basic equipment and the skills required to be comfortable, have fun, and enjoy the Freediving experience!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review