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SSI Classified Diving Instructor

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Instructors, introduce the wonder of SCUBA diving to different kinds of students through the Classified Diving Instructor course!

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The SSI Classified Diving Instructor program provides candidates with the knowledge and training necessary to organize and conduct entry-level scuba training programs for Classified Diving students and Classified Dive Buddies.

What is the SSI Classified Diving program?
The SSI Classified Diving program provides adaptive training for students with limited mobility and/or sensory disorders, allowing them to dive with one or more Classified Dive Buddies, or a Classified Dive Professional. Through this program, individuals with disabilities or limited mobility who are medically cleared by a physician can experience the thrill of scuba diving. First in a pool/confined water environment, then potentially in the open water.

What does the Classified Diving program involve?
The student-centered SSI Classified Diving program is designed specifically for individuals who may not be able to meet some of the autonomous diver skill requirements for an SSI Open Water Diver certification. SSI Classified Diving Instructors know how to adapt the SSI Open Water Diver program and training materials to meet their students' specific needs. All Classified Diving students still complete every skill evaluation from the Open Water Diver program. However, based on their capabilities, particular techniques may change, and assistance is permitted to perform the skills.

There are 3 Classified Diver Levels based on the diver’s abilities:
Level 1 – Must dive with a certified Classified Dive Buddy.
Level 2 – Must dive with two (2) certified Classified Dive Buddies.
Level 3 – Must dive with two (2) certified Classified Dive Buddies and one (1) Classified Dive Professional.

The Classified Dive Buddy certification qualifies an SSI Stress & Rescue diver or higher to dive with a certified Classified Diver level 1, 2, and 3. The SSI Classified Diving program is more than just teaching adaptive diving techniques. This program creates a network of Classified Divers, Buddies, and professionals so everyone can safely experience the thrill of scuba diving.