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SSI Shark Ecology Kit

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SSI Shark Ecology Digital Kit. With SSI's Digital Learning, everything you need is online at dive.SSI.com in MySSI or you can download this course directly to your smartphone or tablet for offline access. SSI's Digital Learning offers comprehensive, first-rate videos, illustrations, and photos that connect your training to real-world life experiences. Available for iOS and Android.he downloadable kit to your SSI account.

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    Excellent Course

    Posted by Guilhem on Nov 26th 2019

    Before this course, I saw Sharks as monsters! Now, I see animals who have specific behaviour and who have to be respected, as much as everything who live on this earth. Without Sharks, there wouldn't be enough predators, and there would be too much preys (fishes) and so coral and underwater flora would be damaged! Sharks is home in the ocean/sea, and us, freedivers and scuba divers, have to enter in the water, not as a conqueror, but as a guest. In this course, we learn also how to recognize differents species of Sharks.