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Scuba Divers Guiding Stick With Signaling Device

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Guiding Stick With Signaling Device for Scuba Divers

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Guiding Stick With Signaling Device Point out coral formations, diving hazards, or just a really interesting sea creature...all with keeping your hand a safe distance away. This tool is perfect for guiding and communication with other divers; you can even use the tool as a tank banger to get attention quickly. Now includes a signaling device on the end.

Product Detail


  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Comes with utility clip to place on any D-Ring
  • Guiding Tool Measures 10.5"
  • Signaling Device to get your Buddys Attention
  • Great for Underwater Photograpghy
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      Seeing Eye Stick

      Posted by Dennis on Mar 19th 2021

      I've been meaning to get one of these for years. Happy to see it on sale. In the past I've used an old rusted ab iron to keep me off the urchins, poke around, and to bang on my tank to get someone's attention. This is much lighter, compact, and I'm not reminded that I can't take abalone on this dive.
      The rattle, to me, is very annoying. Is there a way to remove it?

    • 5

      Posted by Toni G - via Amazon on May 28th 2015

      Well, it's not often I review something BEFORE I buy it, but there are still 4 days to Christmas, so perhaps I can help you with your last minute shopping. Today I saw a dude with an \"antenna\" on his BCD. I asked him what it was, as I know we still can't get GPS underwater (damn!), and he showed me this nifty little device. It is long(ish), but he did not struggle with it, and the rattle sound is loud and clear. Having the advantage of being able to point out your object of attention without being nipped is a huge advantage when you're diving with a variety of poisonous sea critters as we do in PNG! It was also easier to point out something when there's a current, where remaining in one place is a bit challenging, and it's more effective than a finger. Finally, unless you accidentally stab the poor beastie, it's also less invasive than a laser. And, in case you're wondering, yes, I'm taking advantage of my 4 shopping days to Christmas! :) Edit Jan 02: this must-have gadget is also useful for tank banging and allowed our group to enjoy a Wobbegong Shark resting on the reef. Love it!

    • 5
      Great device and extra tips

      Posted by Bonnie - via Amazon on May 28th 2015

      I love this accessory. I use it as a tank banger (loud lower pitch) and rattle (more subtle higher pitch) underwater to signal two sets of commands / notify others of aquatic life. I can also use it to steady myself on the reef if I am too close or going in for a photo or better look at something in a crack. I point out objects and fastened it to my wrist band (not sure why one was not originally included- it is NOT easy to use otherwise). The short stick fits nicely onto your BCD at the beginning if a dive or when not in use. My friend and I had two other signaling devices, including the band and ball configuration and a simple rattle. They were not as easy to hear or use as this device; I highly recommend this one or a similar signaling stick. Worth the money. I do wish that the device came with a special magnet that could be fixed to the bell to keep it from rattling. On land, it is extremely loud and distracting when walking (I was a moving bell at the airport and on the beach). But I do love my purchase!