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6lb Seasoft Soft Tank Weight for Scuba Divers

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6lb Seasoft Soft Tank Weight


Aluminum and steel cylinders gain buoyancy (approximately 4 to 11 lbs) as they empty. In order to offset this added buoyancy, a tank weights can be added to your tank. In order to do a safety stop, a diver must be over-weighted by the difference in this buoyancy atthe beginning of a dive in order to be properly weighted at the end of the dive. Tank weights also allow you to remove weight from your weight belt, which can be a comfortable option. A few pounds off your weight belt can make a big difference in comfort. Weight Integrated BCs tend to push a diver forward on the surface. If a diver was unconscious on the surface, tank weights might be the difference between life and a tragedy. The 4 & 6 lb. tank weights in particular, will generally keep you in an upright, "face out of the water" position. Tank weights can also be used to adjust your position in the water. Since water is 800 times denser than air, you don't want to "push" more water than necessary. The tank weights can be moved up and down your cylinder in order to get perfect trim in the water.

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  • Single Weight
  • Comes in 2, 4, and 6 pounds
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