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Atomic Aquatics T3 Yoke Regulator with Ti2 Octopus Combination

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Tremendous effort goes into making a regulator perform effortlessly. Every Atomic Aquatics Regulator features the same high performance breathing characteristics, 2 year/300 dive service interval and limited life time warranty. Both first and second stages are balanced designs. In addition every second stage features the patented "AFC" Automatic Flow Control that adjusts for ease of breathing performance at any depth and the "seat saving orifice" for extended service life. This model is yoke style and is ready for 40% Nitrox use. The T3 is Atomic Aquatics' NEW signature regulator. The T3 is for divers who want the absolute finest regulator on the market, regardless of price. Amazing light weight makes it the perfect choice for travel. The T3 delivers unprecedented reliability and performance. In exotic locations, divers don't need to worry about finding a service location. 3-year/300 dive service non-contingent lifetime warranty and new, lighter component parts - the minimalist first-stage yoke design is optimized to use the least amount of material possible. All component parts in the second stage have been lightened to make the T3 the lightest regulator in the world. Just like the Atomic T2 primary, the Ti2 octopus is immune to the performance degrading effects of sea water corrosion. The patented Atomic Aquatics Seat Saving Orifice prevents wear of the low-pressure seat that extends the service interval and improves reliability. These features result in a safe second that can be counted on to perform like new when you need it. The regulator is compact with a low profile exhaust deflector that fits easily into pockets, and has a bright neon yellow flexible front cover for high visibility. The Ti2 also includes the AFC Automatic Flow Control and Rapid Adjustment knob.

Product Detail


  • Light Weight for Travel
  • 3-Year/300 dive service non-contingent lifetime warranty
  • AFC - Automatic Flow Control for easy breathing
  • 36inch Hose
  • Bright Yellow Design
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