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EEEZ SolutionS EEEZPoucH Weight Pocket Inserts for SCUBAPRO Hydros Pro, Hydros X, S-TEK (Pair)

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These lightweight BCD pocket inserts will make sliding your weight pocket in and out a breeze!

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Designed and built by divers for SCUBA divers, the EEEZPoucH is compatible with SCUBAPRO's Hydros Pro, Hydros X, and S-TEK BCDs. Simply install the weight pocket inserts into your BCD's Monprene pockets and the struggle to slide your weight pockets into your BCD is over! The rugged design of the weight pocket inserts allow for safe, quick, and efficient dumping of your weight pockets in an emergency and allow for faster weight pocket inserts during kit-up.
Due to its design, the EEEZPoucH keeps the BCD’s weight pocket’s mouth open facilitating finding and inserting the weighted pouches into the integrated weight pockets. This is especially helpful when wearing a wet suit and hood with restricted mobility and visibility to the weight pockets.
  • Compatible with SCUBAPRO's Hydros Pro, Hydros X. and S-TEK BCDs.
  • Constructed of high-quality, 600D Waterproof fabric, just like portions of the the Hydros Pro, Hydros X, and S-TEK BCD!
  • The exterior is coated with PVC while the interior maintains a natural, smooth, friction-free material and requires little to no maintenance.
  • Dries quickly!
  • Small items (such as a safety mirror) may be connected with a lanyard to a D Ring & stored between the EEEZPoucH and the BCD weight pocket for streamlined stowage and easy access.
    Perfect for casual divers and perfect for professional divers, too! Dive Instructors can carry additional weight and easily remove their weight pouches in order to provide students, while at depth, additional weight if they are underweighted.

    Proudly designed in Northern California.
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