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The scuba Buoyancy Compensating Device (BCD) is an essential component of your personal equipment. The BCD has basically two duties: one, to help you achieve neutral buoyancy below the surface and two, to keep you afloat on the surface. Newer divers or divers who prefer more overall support on the surface prefer the vest, or jacket, inflation style such as the Mares Dragon SLS or Scubapro Hydros. More experienced divers or those who prefer less support around the waist choose the Scubapro Knighthawk or the Oceanic Excursion HLC BC while technical divers prefer the Dive Rite BCD.

Another choice to make is whether you prefer to keep your weights distributed on your weight belt or whether you would like to upgrade with the more popular weight-integrated BCD. Weight integration allows the diver to distribute the weight throughout the BCD while still providing an easy ditching system. Various adjustments at the shoulder and the waist customize the BCD so it will fit you perfectly with no unnecessary wallow or drag. Dolphinscuba.com carries a wide variety of BCDs in every price category that grants you the freedom of mind that comes with owning your own equipment!