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As soon as you invest in some quality dive gear, one thing becomes immediately apparent  you only have two hands! Many tedious trips back and forth from the car to the dive site will go a long way to convince you that you need a gear bag. Take the time to figure out which type of gear bag suits you, and you will save yourself an enormous amount of time and aggravation.For a quick jaunt to the beach for a leisurely afternoon of snorkeling, a duffel bag is often the best way to go. If you do a lot of shore diving, perhaps you would prefer a backpack gear bag. But if you are going to be hauling a lot of gear through airports, then probably a wheeled gear bag would best suit your needs. Don't forget that there are specialty bags such as mask bags, regulator bags and dry bags to protect your delicate equipment from damage.

Duffel Bags:  A duffel bag is a simple construction gear bag with a set of handles. There are two types of duffel bags, the ones that are constructed largely of mesh, such as the Storm Mesh Duffel Bag. It is made of PVC coated mesh that allows for durability while allowing air exchange to help dry out your gear. These bags are inexpensive and are perfect for stowing your gear on a dive boat in between dives. Other duffel-style bags, such as Dolphin's Deep See 250 Deluxe bag, offer better security, guarding against the casual observer seeing what is inside your gear bag. This is ideal for checking onto flights. The duffel can be locked and stored with peace of mind.

Backpack Bags: Backpack bags keep your hands free while transporting your gear to your destination. This type of bag is ideal for beach divers who do not want to drag a wheeled bag through the sand. Backpacks are also mesh or nylon construction, and most have a handle so you can switch from your backpack to hand-carry. Dolphin"s options range from the mesh backpacks such as the Storm Mesh Backpack to the Scubapro Porter Roller Backpack Gear bag.

Wheeled Gearbags:  Finally the top of the line is the wheeled gear bag.Sturdy and roomy, these gear bags have the world traveler in mind. They can be completely secured with locks for easy check-on at the airport. They tag along behind you as you leave the airport and board your dive boat at your final destination. Choose from Dolphin's varied selections of wheeled gearbags such as the Deep See 1600 Wheeled Bag,  or the Oceanic delux Cargo bag.

Specialty Bags: You can't dive without a regulator or a mask. Give these two necessary pieces of equipment the special care they need and protect them with their own bags. Also, if you have invested in a camera, don't let it get wet! Pick up a dry bag. While you are at it, you can stuff your beach towel in there, along with your personal items that need to stay dry. Check out Storm's and Deep See's line of specialty gear bags and choose what is right for you.