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One of the basic pieces of scuba equipment that any diver should own is the regulator. Scuba regulators have one task and that is to deliver air to the diver at any depth. Every regulator is divided into two crucial stages: the first stage and the second stage. The first stage delivers compressed air from the tank through a hose to the second stage. The second stage has a mouthpiece that delivers air at ambient pressure on demand. A first stage that is "balanced" allows the diver to breathe easily at low tank pressures--eliminating the feeling of straining for your breath toward the end of your dive. Many second stages, like the Scubapro S600 and the Oceanic EOS have a diver-adjustable knob that fine tunes your breathing effort at every depth. Whether you are shopping for the Aqualung Legend LUX with all the latest integrated technology or the more modestly priced Oceanic GT3/CDX5, Dolphinscuba.com has the regulator that will NOT take your breath away.