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There is nothing more annoying than struggling to stay at one depth during a dive.  In having just the right amount with the right type of weight; buoyancy will feel effortless.  Of course, you need a different amount of weight for different thicknesses of protection, but did you also know that some oceans have an increase in salinity compared to others?  For instance, the Red Sea has a much higher salinity count than the Caribbean.  There are soft weights and there are hard weights.  Dolphin offers both the standard weight belt for traditional divers and many other weight systems to offer a greater range of choice for weight distribution.  Once you have your weights, you need to keep it in place with weight keepers, and you need to transport it with a weight gear bag.  Everything that you need to keep you weighted perfectly is available at Dolphin Scuba Center.  If you need help deciding how much weight you need, please feel free to call us, and one of our helpful staff will steer you in the right direction.