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JAWS Quick Spit Antifog Spray- 1oz. size with Spray Top

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The most recognized antifog in the world... finally, a spray that works!

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Now the worlds most recognized antifog comes in a spray! Quick spit spray works on almost anything that fogs, including dive masks, swim goggles, paintball masks, sport goggles, safety goggles, ski goggles and more. Not recommended for use on prescription eyewear. Apply wet or dry - Quick spit is a high performance antifog in a convenient spray formula. Over 200 pumps per bottle! Quick spit... the most recognized name in antifog... the spray that works! Avoid Direct contact with eyes. Use only as directed.

Product Detail


  • ECO friendly, non-toxic formula
  • Long lasting spray formula
  • 200+ pumps per bottle
  • Natural and biodegradable
  • Works on glass and plastic
  • Use for wet or dry applications


  • 4
    The best antifog for swim goggles

    Posted by M. Knock - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

    I've found that new anti-fog swim goggles have a very limited anti-fog lifetime. After a few swims, or after some spit/rinses, their antifog is ruined or gone. This has been the case for the last few high-end Speedo goggles I've bought. In order to keep using them once that initial anti-fog treatment fails, the fogging must be addressed. I have tried spit & rinse, the Speedo goggle anti-fog liquid, the Tyr goggle anti-fog spray, Cat Crap, and JAWS Quick Spit anti-fog spray. Spit and rinse is obviously free, but doesn't work that well, and gives off unsanitary vibes. Of the anti-fog products one has to pay for, Speedo only worked for one swim (wholly unsatisfactory), Tyr didn't even work for one swim (complete waste of money), Cat Crap caused significant light glare issues and also started fogging anyway, and Jaws Quick Spit allowed for two to three swims before reapplication was necessary. As a result, even though I'd like Jaws Quick Spit to do better, it is the best swim goggle anti-fog out there, so it is the only product I will repeat purchase. Cat Crap has worked well for ski goggles in the past, so I will save it for that. For swimming, I'll stick with Jaws Quick Spit.

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    Posted by Haylerina - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

    This stuff actually works if you use it right. Lasts for a good 2 hour swim. Just don't get the goggles wet afterwards. I am a competitive swimmer and don't want to keep buying $18 goggles every time the anti fog comes out of them. So this stuff is awesome.

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    Best anti-fog I've used thus far

    Posted by Hawk - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

    I play airsoft, and sweat like there is no tomorrow. Friends I play with, fall victim to the same problem and as a result; fog. I purchased this believing that it would help, if not eliminate the fog entirely. I actually had relatively moderate expectations as I haven't used too many different anti-fog sprays but I can tell you that this helped me significantly. The mask fogged up one notable time out of 4 hours of rigorous play.

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    It works for a while

    Posted by eddy b - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

    It stops my swim goggles from fogging up for about 60 min and then the fog starts to come back again, though not as bad as without the stuff. I spritz my goggles immediately after my swim is over and I don't rinse them until I get to the pool. It seems to work well enough for me.

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    Apply after Swimming to use for Next Workout

    Posted by D. Lawrence - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

    I didn't like this product at first. It didn't seem to stay on and burned my eyes. After reading some reviews, I found a good way to use it. After I finish a swim workout, I let my goggles dry while I get dressed. Then I pump one squirt into one side of my goggles and used my finger to spread that amount to both sides. I throw the goggles into my bag and the product dries. When I get into the pool or lake the next time, I swish the goggles back and forth through the water about four or five times to clean off the excess. My goggles stay clear throughout my workout or triathlon swim. I gave it four stars because something in the product does irritate your eyes if you don't get the excess washed off completely. It does work and I'll probably buy again.

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    Works great but doesn't last as long as expected

    Posted by Luving it - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

    I used it on swim goggles - two pomps each on lens, finger smeared, rinsed thoroughly. It was fantastic when I started use the goggle, like brand new again. But after 40 minutes or so, the lenses started to get water droplets. Guess I need to spray again next time I use the goggles...

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    works decently in sports goggles, but blurs lens

    Posted by dko3tgk - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

    I know this is primarily for dive masks and swim goggles. I recently bought a pair of Oakley clear vented lenses sports glasses for working out with an eye injury I recently received. My workout is a very intense cardio workout (and I sweat alot) and the Oakleys fogged up so bad that even when taken off during breaks the lenses never clear. The good news is that this product works and prevents the intense fog I previous had on the untreated lenses. The bad news is that this is essentially smearing oil on the lens, so it slightly blurs the lens. If you wipe it off more to make it clearer, then you remove all of the product as the label warns. Then you lose the anti-fog properties. Oakleys are known for their optical clarity, but I have to trade off the clarity for being fog free when using this product. I'm sure that the oil haze isn't visible when used underwater.

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    Does what you pay for

    Posted by Dylan B - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

    Good anti-fog spray but I feel like you could find some cheaper if you looked around which is why I'm only giving 4 stars. It does exactly what it advertises though, great anti-fog spray for snowboarding or paintball.

  • 5
    Best Anti-Fog Spray Out There

    Posted by Eric - via Amazon on Jun 25th 2015

    I went from being able to see well only 50% of the time using high performance anti-fog sunglasses to 100% of the time during white water kayaking, using this spray. It works much better than the others I have tried, to the point where no matter how many times I roll, I never get any fog at any temperature; all day long. No other spray even came close. Directions on back are a little confusing, I just rub the stuff in with a microfiber cleaning cloth, let dry, and then run it under water to get rid of the residue.